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The Capital Club is dedicated to helping Australians invest better.

With 30 years of experience investing in the share market, The Capital Club is uniquely qualified to bring you the latest ASX stock market news, opinion, commentary and stock ideas.

The Capital Club’s founder is Bruce Jackson.

Bruce has 30 years of hands on investing experience. He co-founded The Motley Fool UK and The Motley Fool Australia, helping grow both to be some of the most popular stock market news and investing sites in the country.

He is passionate about stock market investing, running his own portfolio and SMSF. You can check out all his current holdings by clicking here.

Over the decades, the stock market has proven to be a wonderful vehicle for wealth creation, on average generating returns of around 10% per annum.

Courtesy of the wonder of compounding returns, over 20 years that turns an initial investment of $10,000 into $67,275.

Not bad. But not life-changing, and certainly not enough to cover your retirement.

But change a couple of those numbers, and your finances could look a whole lot different…

Time frame -> 30 years

Annual average return -> 12%

Initial investment -> $10,000

Additional monthly investments -> $500

Total investment after 30 years -> $1,747,595

Now we’re talking!

As easy as it may sound, the truth is many people fail to generate significant wealth from the stock market.

There are a number of reasons…

  • They are scared of investing in the stock market for fear of losing money.
  • They pay too much for their investing advice, whether that be fees to a financial advisor or fees to a fund manager… or both.
  • In their quest “to get rich quick,” they speculate on penny share stocks, the overwhelming majority of which will end up losing them money.
  • When volatility inevitably strikes, they sell out, usually at the worst possible time, when share prices are at their lowest point.
  • Instead of committing to investing for a lifetime — allowing the power of compounding returns to weave their magic — they give up on the stock market at the first signs of trouble, whether that be losing money on an individual investment, or when the whole stock market takes a tumble.

We want to help you build wealth for today’s retirement, or your future retirement.

With the financial services industry having so many conflicts of interest, it’s hard to know who to trust.

The Capital Club is 100% owned and operated by The Motley Fool Australia Pty Limited.

Hundreds of thousands of Motley Fool readers have subscribed to its financial newsletters. Tens of thousands of investors have subscribed to one of more of its stock picking services. Every working day it publishes articles covering everything from dividend shares to growth shares, to value shares, to blue chips to small caps, to the day’s movers and shakers on the All Ordinaries Index and the S&P/ASX 200 Index, and much more.

Like The Motley Fool, The Capital Club is totally independent. We’re privately owned and operated. We don’t accept direct payments or commissions from any financial services company in return for promoting their products.

Under the terms of our Australian Financial Services License (AFSL), our advice is general in nature. We encourage you to take control of your own finances, and therefore your own financial destiny.

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