Who Are We

Your editors and contributors at The Capital Club

Bruce Jackson Bruce Jackson has 30 years of hands on investing experience. He is passionate about stock market investing, running his own portfolio and SMSF.

Prior to starting The Capital Club, Bruce founded both The Motley Fool UK and Motley Fool Australia. He has worked in the stock market and publishing business for over 20 years.

Bruce has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree and a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Markets). Prior to The Motley Fool, he was a Finance Manager at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Bruce is an avid follower of the Australian share market. His regular commentary and opinion pieces have a sprinkling of ASX stock ideas and general investing advice, written in plain English.

From stock market crashes and corrections, to volatility, to bull markets and bear markets, Bruce aims to help everyday investors take control of their money and make better financial decisions.

You can contact Bruce via email brucej@thecapitalclub.com.au

 Lauren Surplice is a keen follower of the stock market, investing in individual companies and funds. She follows the daily stock market news, covering the ASX stocks that are moving the markets.

You can contact Lauren at laurens@thecapitalclub.com.au